March 15, 2008

Paiton is the best!!

I never thought I would want to start my own blog, but I am caving into peer pressure. What ya gonna do?
Paiton is growing into the coolest little girl in the whole wide world. (I know every mom thinks their kid is the best, but mine really is) She is chuck full of energy, and has a thirst for knowledge. She loves having books read to her, that is about the only time she will sit still unless she is sleeping. I love reading books that have funny words in them, or I read something really fast just to have her try to copy what I have said. It really is quite funny!
Chris taught Paiton to do some magic tricks, but my favorite part of the whole thing is when she says "abadaba"(abracadabra), and "tada".
She has also started potty training herself. I LOVE IT!!! I bought a Little potty for her and she loves using it. She will set it up all by herself, and then yell to Chris or I "book". The bathroom is where we do some of our best reading. She could sit there all day and be great as long as we are reading her books.