March 26, 2009

I AM "that mom"

Today I took Paiter to the library, and I became "that mom". I have never been her before (at least I don't think so), and I am not quite sure what I think about her or how to handle her. It happened something like this... So we were at the library in the "kid section". Paiter was minding her own business playing back and forth between the train table and a puppet theater thing, not bugging anybody. All of a sudden a little girl, maybe 4 or 5 years old, came out of left field with huge attitude. I was so totally bugged, but didn't do anything except feel bad for her parents. Well that pity soon subsided once she started in on my precious ray of sunshine:( (Do you like the theatrical presentation?!) Anyway, she ran over to the puppet theater and told Paiter she needed to leave because she needed to "put on a play by myself, and you can't watch either". Now just who did she think she was? Paiter was so funny though, she didn't really seem to understand what was going on so she just stood there starring at this little girl even though she said it a couple more times "you need to go so I can do a play by myself." Here is the part where I became "that mom", I went over to the little "puppet play" she was having and gave her a piece of my mind...kind of. I told the little girl that Paiter was just a little girl and it sure would be nice if she could share the puppets with her. Here is the part that gets me, she picked up the most ugly, dirty, tattered puppet they had, gave it to Paiter and said, "there, now go so I can do this (play)". This is where I quit feeling bad for her parents and started thinking they need to do a better job of raising their daughter. So being the good/involved parent that I am:), I told this little girl that she needs to share the theater because it is for everybody to use. Its not an exciting ending, but I always swore I would never be one of "those" moms. Well here I am "that" mom, and I am totally OK with it. Don't mess with my kid, or I am going to mess with you!! Just kidding, but please try to be nice to her and share with her. :)

March 25, 2009

More warm (KINDA) fun

This is Paiter making the "hurry and take the picture so I can keep riding my bike" face. I think it is still kinda cute though.

There is that smile...I must not have asked her to stop for the pic.
Playing on the neighbors swing set.

I got mad skills...

I totally have the spring cleaning bug; it can be viewed as a blessing or a curse depending how you look at it. It seems like whenever I get in this type of mood I just start throwing everything out (donating to friends or charity), but I always end up spending a ton of time looking for “something that I know I once had around here somewhere”. Maybe this year I will do a better job of keeping the stuff I’ll want and throwing away the stuff that I really don’t use or need. Oh well, at least it will look more organized around here…HOPEFULLY!
Here are some of the random "nobody sees them but me" projects.
I made this shelf for all the bottles that had multiples or things we don't use very often. (I do use dish soap and disinfectant by the way)This is one of our "good" towels. I just thought it was kinda funny:)
This is my next "to do" project. I swear it doesn't look this bad all the time, just lately because of all the house projets. Everything went up here when I was too lazy to really put it away (except my very own little tool box that chris isn't allowed to touch, it always stays right there, crooked and everything.)

March 20, 2009

Warm weather fun!!

Here are a couple pics that have absolutely nothing to to do with our house projects!!
Paiter is getting to be such a big girl, it makes me kinda sad.

March 13, 2009

I thought this day would never come!!

Right now Paiton knows how to wash dishes, put her folded laundry away, dust, and her newly learned skill is vacuuming!! Someday I will be able to hang up my cleaning lady hat. Just kidding...or am I. No really, I swear I am not that lazy, I just wish I could be.
How many 2-year-olds do you know that could tackle that list of chores. The funniest part of the whole thing, is how terrible she is at keeping her own room picked up. She will take every toy she owns out of the toy box, only to walk away empty handed, then whine and cry when I ask her to pick it up. Yet she will do all of my daily cleaning without so much as a whimper. I don't get it.


Remember when I said we were done with all our home projects? Well, I WAS WAY OFF!!! The day after I posted about our finished projects...THIS happened. We had our floor finished for about 5 days. I had just started getting over the “newness” of it. So what might make one tear up their newly finished floor you ask.
I don’t know why, but water ALWAYS seems to follow us. Chris and I have lived in 3 houses during our married life together, and every single one has had water problems in one way or another. Things are getting better though because our house right now has had water problems because Paiton loves to flush things that shouldn’t be flushed, and now THIS problem where the refrigerator blows a hose and runs who knows how long.
Chris woke up at 6AM to the sound of running water and couldn’t find it until he walked into a small lake in the kitchen.
Oh well, I guess it could be worse. I am not sure how, but we aren't dead yet, so I have some more time to figure out what else could actually be worse.

March 11, 2009

Boat loads of stuff

So Chris and I are going through the junk we have accumulated in 2 1/2 years, and wholly crap batman, we have a ton!! We are drawing nearer to the end of school, but aren't 100% sure if we are staying or going yet. So i have taken the liberty to start dejunking just in case. In the process I learned something about myself. The more broke I am the more I horde "stuff". My thought process has been, "ya never know when you are going to need it." Well, let me be the first to tell you if you haven't used it in 3-6 months (other than seasonal stuff) get rid of it. My house is sooo full of CRAP (stuff) that we don't use, but I am so cheap that I can't bare to get rid of it. Well I am doing it now!! I vow to make it a goal for me and my family that if we don't use it, we are giving it away. Life is too short to have it filled with extra clutter!!!

March 7, 2009

Last of the projects ( I hope)

Here are the last (I think) of the redo projects. I do have a couple small ditty's that we have done, but I haven't taken any pictures of them so it wouldn't be any fun to look at.
1- More sanding in the house-I guess I didn't learn my lesson the first time.
2-Paint that I spilled in the kitchen; it's OK though we were going to put in a new floor anyway. It is also the "kitchen floor before"
3-kitchen chair "before" (all 4 look the same)
4-kitchen table before
5-kitchen table and chairs "after"
6-kitchen chairs, table, and floor "after"
7-I didn't take a before, but this is the bathroom light after I painted over the shiny brass, but it has since been painted a blackish color, so I guess this is kind of a before.
8-Chris asked if I needed help carrying the table in the house- of course I told him "no, I got it." So this is an "I told you so" for him. I will take help when needed/offered. I dropped the table while I was trying to open the screen door, carry my Gatorade, and the table into the house all at one time. Oh well, I can spray some more paint on it when it is warmer outside.
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March 6, 2009

Trash to Treasure!!!!!

This is what we have been up to for the last 2 or 3 months. I hope you like the before and afters as much as I do. I have to tell ya, it is totally amazing what a little can of spray paint can do.

Before (prepped for paint)


Do you see the resemblance in this picture?

Guess how much the bedding (not counting the sheets) in this picture cost (bed skirt, duvet, & 6 pillow cases)Do you give up? I spent a whopping $15.00 My whole bedroom was done in less than $50. The most expensive thing was the rug thing that isn't really my favorite, but it does the trick. The color in the picture doesn't look quite right, but in real life it looks really good.Who would have thought you could buy an old desk and turn it into 2 matching night stands?

This is the hard wood floor in my bedroom before.Here is the exact same spot on the floor (different time of day, so the lighting was different), also known as the "after". Can you believe the difference? All that and I didn't even have to sand or refinish it. It found some really cool wood restorer and wax stuff. WOW!!I started sanding in the basement because it was sooo cold outside. I learned why this is a bad idea.
The sanding project-REMEMBER, DON'T DO IT IN THE HOUSE!!!
I will show "after" another time, I lost my camera for the moment and I haven't uploaded it yet.

The bathroom is finally finished; for the "before" pics go look at the previous post. I am sooo glad to have this one complete, and I love how it turned out. It is still SUPER SMALL, but it isn't electric yellow anymore!! I LOVE it compared to before.

I still have quite a few more to post about, but I haven't uploaded the rest of the pictures. I will save the fun for another day.