November 4, 2008

Not such a girly girl

So, I am totally fine with boys wanting to do “boy” stuff, but Chris has Paiton walking around the house making deer and elk noises (the elk bugle is actually quite accurate, well as accurate as a 2 year old can get). Her favorite thing to do is watch hunting videos on youtube. I am NOT exaggerating about this at all. She walks around the house randomly making all these crazy noises, or says her baby is doing it. Chris is a great dad and spends as much time with Paiton as he can. Her favorite thing to do with him is go out behind our house to look at the deer.
Going to look for deer
A little background info, we live near a wooded area, and deer come close to our house to graze. Chris has a wild animal fetish; he likes to watch them, chase them, and hunt them. Since we moved to Michigan, Chris has not had the opportunity to go hunting, so he makes sure he gets to at least watch the animals. He takes Paiton with him and they sit in the field, or on a small hill in the trees and wait for the deer to come. There are a couple apple trees and they shake apples out of the trees, so that the deer will have something to eat. Paiton will usually munch on one while she waits. If we have apples for a snack or treat or something, Paiton will almost always hold it up and say something to the effect “save for deer mommy?”
Getting apples down for the deer
She sees one
Chris said sitting and waiting for the deer are some of the only times he has ever seen her sit still and quiet, other than when she is sleeping. I guess I can’t complain though, I always said I didn’t want any little “girly girls”. She definitely is not girly, other than she totes her babies and purses around with her everywhere, even to go watch the deer.Here are some random pictures we took on sunday while out on a family walk/hike. (I just started using a new camera, and I am not so good with it yet. I ended up deleting a ton of pictures because they were really fuzzy)

November 2, 2008

Halloween Pics

I don’t understand how people pick which houses will have good Halloween candy, but I need to fix something. We had a grand total of 6 trick-or-treaters at our house this year. I did leave and take the kid out treating for about an hour, but I am pretty sure we didn’t miss anybody, because we stayed in our little neighborhood, and I didn’t see one child (or adult) out begging for candy.

That is a whole other blog session in and of itself. I have spent Paiton’s whole life trying to teach her not to beg for food or snacks, and especially not from strangers. Just as soon as I think she has got it mastered, we put on a silly outfit, then drag her to the neighbors houses, then get her to beg, I mean trick or treat . The whole time we were trick or treating, she was begging for, or
trying to open her candy. What a fun time we had. Here are some of our pics. Paiter is the pink dragon, her friend Ellie was a frog.
Sooo cute!

Just a random cat hat she made for Halloween story time at the library.