November 2, 2008

Halloween Pics

I don’t understand how people pick which houses will have good Halloween candy, but I need to fix something. We had a grand total of 6 trick-or-treaters at our house this year. I did leave and take the kid out treating for about an hour, but I am pretty sure we didn’t miss anybody, because we stayed in our little neighborhood, and I didn’t see one child (or adult) out begging for candy.

That is a whole other blog session in and of itself. I have spent Paiton’s whole life trying to teach her not to beg for food or snacks, and especially not from strangers. Just as soon as I think she has got it mastered, we put on a silly outfit, then drag her to the neighbors houses, then get her to beg, I mean trick or treat . The whole time we were trick or treating, she was begging for, or
trying to open her candy. What a fun time we had. Here are some of our pics. Paiter is the pink dragon, her friend Ellie was a frog.
Sooo cute!

Just a random cat hat she made for Halloween story time at the library.


Kimmy said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. Paiton is so cute & BIG! I can't believe how fast time goes! I love that we have the only 2 little girls in fam & they were a Monster & a Dragon! Lol. Too funny!

Summer said...

Yeah, it's kinda funny that we parents encourage trick-or-treating - it kinda goes against everything we are usually trying to teach them! Maybe that's why it's SO FUN! Paiton is a doll!


Susanna said...

What a cute little pink dragon! Happy Halloween!