July 30, 2008

Saving Money/Time!!!

I wanted to take a second to give myself a pat on the back. Good job me!!! I am saving our family both time and money. How, you ask; I planted a garden (really Chris planted it, I just told him where and how, then provided the plants). Well anyway, "we" planted a garden with all the summer vegetables we love. I even saved us money in the planting aspect. I went to a plant sale hosted by the Michigan State Univ. "plant" department. I spent like $15 on the the whole thing. Pretty Freakin' Rad if ya ask me. Anyway we will end up with enough stuff that I can bottle salsa (with all the bottling supplies from freecycle). Now if anybody is reading this that knows me I can imagine you are asking yourself, "when did Deb learn to make and bottle salsa?" Well that is the one problem in my plan. I just figured I would look up some detailed instructions on the internet. Details, Details. I decided that planting a garden saves me time because I don't have to run to the store to get the fresh fruits and veggies. I just have to run out to the back yard.
Continuing on with the other way I am saving our family money. I line dry our clothes whenever possible. I know it is a bit hickish, but you do what ya gotta do. There are quite a few rainy days in Michigan, so I can't always do it, but when I can I feel a big sense of accomplishment. Also the clothes seem to dry so much faster, thus saving myself time.

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Summer said...

You rock, Deb! Seeing veggies appearing in your garden does bring such a sense of pride and accomplishment! We are loving our tomatoes and zucchini! Thanks for the cucumber plants too! I can't wait for them to grow!