July 31, 2008


This year is kinda weird feeling as far as birthdays go, its the first year where I had to sit down and figure out how old I am. You always hear other people count back to figure out how old they are, but I haven't had to do that, until now. I have been reiminding Chis about my birthday comming up for quite some time now (probably since christmas), but never gave a second thought as to how old I will be. It was kind of a strage feeling not knowing the asnwer to the question of how old I will be. So I did the math, and I hope to remeber it from now on.
26. That is the magical number.


jenna said...

Hey Deb, Happy Birthday! I just found the link to your blog from Suz's. I've wondered about the Christensens and I'm happy to see that you guys are doing good. Little Paiton is an absolute doll!!

Susanna said...

Happy Birthday! I haven't been home all day so I was seriously thinking I would call you today, but I don't have your #. Jaren and I switched phones and then he stepped on my phone (which is actually his phone now) which had your number in it...Long story short, I don't have it anymore. And the number you have for me is Jaren's now. So anyways, happy birthday!! I always forget how old I am too, that is so funny how that is. I guess that means we are getting old:(

The Batistas said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Its crazy how time flys. I remember when we were little and I always thought you guys (all the older cousins) were so old. Now I feel like theres no differance.