October 26, 2008

Jesus fed them lunch.

I haven’t dedicated much time to blogging lately, but I think I have been a little more busy, oh wait, I think I have just been more lazy. Due to the laziness, I haven’t done anything fun with “the kid”, at least not anything noteworthy. However, I did think of something really cute that I had forgotten to blog about. Paiton colored a picture of Jesus in nursery; the cool part though was when you ask her about it, she will tell you that the people didn’t have lunch, so Jesus made bread and shared it with them. I thought it was really cute. Her nursery teachers must be doing a good job.
I took Patiter to the church Halloween party, but it didn’t go over so well, I think maybe she was a bit to overwhelmed, which led to tantrum/damage control. Hopefully it was just a dry run for the real thing. Her costume was sooo stinkin’ cute; she is a little pink dragon. I LOVE IT!! Hopefully, she will do better when we try the real thing on Halloween.


Anderson's Blog said...

i wish i could personally see her tell me about the picture where Jesus fed them lunch! so cute! well, for halloween this year Jaden is a fantastic 4 guy with a sling (!), Ashlyn is a lion, and at a recent ward party, Cadence was a basketball frog. ;)

Anderson's Blog said...

So yes, you were wanting to know, "what is a basketball frog?!?" It's when Cadence finds a green, oversized baskeball uniform, puts it on. Then she puts on this frog costume that goes over her arms and her back, and says she is going to dress up as a "basketball frog" for the ward halloween party!