July 18, 2009

Our Grand Haven Day Trip

Yesterday our little fam went with our neighbors to Grand Haven, a coastal city here in Michigan. It was AWESOME. The weather was not wonderful, but I think that there were less people on the beach because of the weather. We will take what we can get when Chris is able to put down the books for an entire day to play with us. This has happened only one other time during a semester.
We started out at the beach, then once "the kid" turned blue we decided we had better warm up a bit. We then went out to eat, which we only seem to do when Joyce and Jim are around; they sure do treat us well!!! Then once we were warm, we went back to the beach and walked out on the pier to the lighthouse. It was all fun and good right up until we read the memorial that said "for the people who died on this pier and for the people who tried to rescue them." Funny thing is...we read the marker, and then continued walking. I did make sure to tell the kid she couldn't get out of the stroller unless she was with mommy or daddy. Once we made it to the end, I made Chris and Paiter stand near (not very near, just kinda near) the edge so I could take a pic with the water splashing up and over them. Yeah...it was that kind of storm coming and we continued to truck it out there with a toddler. Not very smart really, but we did get some good pics.

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it looks like it was wonderful