June 27, 2009

Paiter and the Week Long Birthday!

Paiter woke up and the very first thing she wanted to do was play with her doll house. I told her the only way she could was if she would smile pretty for the camera...this is what I got. I thought it was cute.
Somebody told her that she had to close her eyes and make a wish. As she was closing her eyes she started saying "I-touch, I-touch, I-touch". We are in big trouble unless we fall into a large sum of money-SOON!!!
Princess Paiton with her princess cake(its a castle, incase ya couldn't tell) Her very first b-day cake was a white teddy bear (who looked like he had, had a stroke). This cake may not be pretty, but it does look WAAAAAYY better than that poor teddy bear.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Great cake and AWESOME dollhouse Deb! So impressive!

Love Birds said...

NO, Paiton was right the first time. She wants to BLOW IT UP. Personally i have never seen a cake blown up, and i would really like to. I'll be on youtube for the next 45 min.

PS-great cake and doll house. every little girl deserves a really cool doll house

Our Blog said...

what a wonderful birthday present! you guys rock

Kristin Macfarlane said...

Awesome birthday cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!