August 5, 2008


I need to start out by saying that I wrote this as something funny that we all go through in life, not as a tool to ask for something, or to get help with anything. That being said, I have officially decided that being an adult is way more difficult than being a kid. Thus, "Growing up is hard to do".
Let me take you back...

Remember when you were a kid and something around the house broke, who bought a new one, or paid for it to be fixed? The adult(s) of the house did, right. Well I am learning that Chris and I are the adults around here. And it seems as though all the "things" around our house had a malicious plan to break or start on their last leg all at the same time. I know how this must sound; I'm telling you that things like vehicles and kitchen appliances, had a plan with all the other household common luxuries, to break. I would think it was CRAZY too, that is if it wasn't happening to us. Let me give you a run down of the list of the things that have either already broken, or are on their last leg, (these are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head) so you can see why I think it was an evil plot.

  1. Washer
  2. Our 1 and only car (that is a whole blog posting in and of itself)
  3. Microwave is on its way out. What used to take 30 sec. to cook now takes 3-5 min.
  4. Blow dryer
  5. Any and all CD players in the house. (thankfully aunt Mar just sent us a new Ipod/cd player thing).
  6. Garage door
  7. garage door opener
  8. Light in the basement stairwell
  9. Central Air Conditoner (dind't work 100% when we bought the house)
  10. Electric skillet

the last one doesn't really count, because it has been used a ton, and it still runs like a champ, but the handle is starting to fall off. I guess I should take it of the list, but I will leave it for now just to add more dramatical effect.

As I grow older, wiser, and hopefully more mature, I get more and more greatful for my parents, my in-laws, and all the other family and friends who continue to help and support us while we continue to grow up. Neither Chris nor I can imagine life without the great support system we have. Thanks guys you are the best.

Also a special thanks to both of our parents for raising us to be (hopefully) responsible adults. We both know we gave all of you our fair share of grey hairs. Thanks for being our parents. We love and appreciate all you do for us, but especially the things you do for Paiton.


Bryan said...

I TOTALLY understand! Our washer broke when we first moved here and we didn't have two pennies to rub together, yet alone enough to get it fixed. I ended up driving 5 or 6 blocks into the ghetto at 9PM every few days to sit in the laudromat and study while the clothes washed. I was also careful to sport my neutral gang colors. Anyway, let us know if we can help with anything.

Summer said...

I think you're on to something- the household things getting together to form an evil conspiracy to brake us adults! It all makes sense now! Currently our car and our camera are on the list. (we just replaced our griddle too).

Susanna said...

When it rains it pours! I swear that's how it goes, everything poops all at once. I hate being an adult! Every day is some kind of initiation.

Anderson's Blog said...

I was really touched by your beautiful tribute to your awesome parents, your in-laws, and all the other family and friends who love and support you guys. It does make all the difference to have so much unconditional love, acceptance, and kindness surround you. Thanks for being that for us! We love you guys.