October 20, 2008

We're Almost Finished!!!

Chris and I moved to Lansing Michigan, a little over two years ago, and it seems like ever since then we have had a ton of little projects to do. We cause ourselves most of the stress, but there was still plenty of projects that our “old” house decided to get done as well. Since we have lived her, we have…
1. Made flower beds
2. Made a garden
3. Put up a fence so the kid can’t escape (at the very least, slow her down)
4. Installed a garbage disposal
5. Switched out the sink and vanity in the bathroom
6. Paint the siding
7. Paint every single wall, indoors
8. Ripped out the carpet, so we could have wood floors (I knew they were there, I saw them when we bought the house)
9. Scrubbed every square inch of the wood floors on the main level.
10. Decided I didn’t like the wood floor, so we put down new carpet in the living room (on top of the wood floor that I had just spent 2 ½ days scrubbing).
11. Built an office in the basement for Chris (my parents [mainly my dad] did this one).
12. Fixed a sewer back up (that is as terrible as it sounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raw sewage coming out of the laundry room drain.)
13. Replaced the front door
14. Replaced the front storm door
15. Replaced the back door
16. Painted the back storm door
17. Put up shelves for storage in the garage
18. We are almost finished with ½ bath remodels, that we had to do when a pipe burst, oh yeah, did I mention that it was the night before we were leaving to go to Utah for Christmas!! That was one of the most fun things I have ever done! Can you detect the sarcasm in my voice???
I think there is more, but it is all starting to be big blur, so these are just the ones that I can remember participating in.

I think we are just about done. Can I get a hallelujah?!?! I think we have decided to fix/update our bright yellow (Mickey Mouse color) bathroom, only because it is bright yellow with a green bathtub. When I say green I need you to envision a cross between a lime green and a mint green, and there ya have it. Now put it in a Mickey Mouse yellow, tile bathroom. Sounds like a 7o’s disco party if you ask me. Well anyway, we have decided to do something more with the bathtub. We also need to do new flooring in the kitchen, but haven’t decided to do tile or just do linoleum. Decisions, decisions.
Hopefully, after that we will seriously be done. The other really crappy thing that I will remember for next time (hopefully there won’t be a next time) I don’t really have any before pictures. Oh well, I know what it looked like in my head.

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