February 11, 2009

Random Nothings

This morning I was looking for some scissors, and these were all I could find (notice the plastic blades. I guess that is how you know there are small children in the house. The other thing(s) I can’t seem to find is my favorite style of pen/sharpie. I have slowly put them away somewhere else as Paiton has found them. I would show you a picture of our pen/junk drawer, but it’s messy and just plain embarrassing. That seems to be the drawer we throw all the junk that we need to keep, but can’t decided where to put it.

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Our Blog said...

it's always fun to catch up on your blog! after i read about and saw the quick mess Paitons and her friend made on her floor you had me giggling as i walked around the house trying to clean! :) you are so funny! ahhh...how many times have i felt the same way???!!!