February 18, 2009

i LOVE DeMoLiTiOn!

Here are a couple before and after pics. I just couldn't wait to post a few for you to see some...well at least one of the projects that I finally talked Chris is to doing. I wanted to do this from the time I first bought the house, but everybody said it would be to difficult for me/us. We haven't decided if we are going to take down the tile in the shower or not, but at least when you walk into the bathroom, it is not an electric shock to your eyes anymore. Now comes the real hard part. Wish us luck.


Susanna said...

Impressive! You two can do a little bit of everything I swear!

Welch Mom said...

Well we know your pain as we ripped out our bathroom and redid it all! It was worth it though. I know you can do it!

Our Blog said...

smart to start 'em out early with the dishes, etc.!
you guys are inspirational with your makeover jobs! i'm impressed!