February 4, 2009

Snow Day Crafts

It has been freakin’ freezing here lately!!! I never feel warm, EVER. Needless to say, I have not gone anywhere near the outdoors unless absolutely necessary. Staying indoors can be quite a challenge with two very active little girls. Here are some of our snow day crafts.
Colored sand art

Who knew a ball hanging from the ceiling with a piece of yarn could be so much fun. Well, after a while they got bored so I had to pull out the reinforcements, an old paper towel roll. It was like I had just reintroduced the ceiling hanging ball all over again. Who knew?

I don't even know what to call these. I let he girls use the pencil sharpener on all our old crayons. Then I put the shavings in an old spice container and let them sprinkle the shavings on a piece of waxed paper. The girls really liked it, but I thought it would take up more time than it actually did. Oh well, what are ya gonna do? Anyway, then we covered it with another piece of waxed paper. I covered the waxed paper with a paper grocery bag then ironed the shavings so they would melt. Then the girls did their best to trace a heart onto the paper. Later I cut the hearts out and let them string them up with a plastic needle and some thread. So there ya have it, long directions, short craft.

This was a cute craft, but it took a lot of prep work. LOVE BUGS!! The girls loved them, and they were really easy. They just had to dab glue then put the pieces on.

Last but not least, the girls were playing while I started dinner, and when Carisa's mom came to get her, this is what I walked into. I think it took them 5-10 minutes to make this mell of a hess. The only real reason I am posting anything about this is because I had cleaned up Paiton's room really good the night before. They made a mess during the morning also, but we all cleaned it up again. I just don't understand their thought process while making this mess. I understand that they are 2 & 3 so its not like they really thought it through, but seriously, "what is the crap were they thinking"?

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Susanna said...

I never knew you were so creative and crafty, Deb!? My kids room looks like that every day. If they don't clean it up before they go to bed they don't get a bedtime story and there may or may not be toys missing in the morning because I sneak in a clean it after they go to sleep. So every morning they have a clean slate to demolish. Paiton is so cute, she looks so big! So are you guys moving or not??