May 20, 2009

She's got mad skills

Well, maybe she still needs a little practice...and some formal lessons. She is well on her way though. The kid has been watching Saturday's warrior a lot lately and her favorite parts are when the "troubled" kids dance and sing (I hope its not a sign of things to come). Anyway, on one of their dances, they dance on the fence and lean back; I think she thinks that is what she is doing when she leans on the couch. Hiiiiiilarious!!!!!


This one is my favorite video. She is all tuckered out and she shows it; she had been dancing for about 10 minutes, that intensely (I was tired just watching her :-)



Susanna said...

That is so stinkin cute! I think she gets it from you:) I used to watch Saturdays Warrior all the time as a kid, I liked to pretend I was Pam. Then I grew up and worked with Pam's (MaryAnn) husband and decided that didn't really like MaryAnn so much in real life. I used to do 'Benji's' hair too, he liked to get it weaved, haha. Fun little fact for ya.

The Newburgs said...

I think dancing is in her future but....she is a multi-talented dancer! :)

Our Blog said...

fun fun. i'll have to show the kids when they wake up. they'll love it!

Love Birds said...

ummmm, just an idea but have you tried some Richard Simmons with her yet. I bet that will teach her some really cool dance moves!