June 9, 2009

How we do it

This is what we have been up to lately. Some fun things...and some NOT SO FUN things. Oh well, at least it seems to be that the fun things are happening more often than the not so fun things: ]
This is Paiton staying up WAAAAYYY past her bed time singing country songs with her dad. Thus the pulled apart cowboy hat. (she had hidden a bag of chips and was caught red "faced")

She has decided that she can dress herself now...it could be worse. I LOVE the high heels with shorts look. She spent most of the morning "walking" (falling flat on her face). It was pretty cute/funny.

Our AWESOME friends the Finlay's moved this morning bright and early, so we had them over for dinner last night. This is their daughter (Paiter's bestest friend) and Paiter playing on the i-pod with Chris.
This is the girls playing some more, while the rest of us finished up our dessert-I made homemade cinnamon rolls--They ROCKED-if I do say so myself.
Last...and I hope least...the flood. A week or two ago we had a really big rain storm, and this is the damage it did to our basement. Kinda crappy. Oh well, it could have been worse (this is my attempt at a positive attitude). We had 1 1/2 - 2 inches of water throughout our whole basement. Chris and I have decided that if it ever came down to it and we all had to get onto an arc in order to survive we would have to take one for the team and sit it out. The minute we jumped on board, the arc would leak and we would all surly die. So just know that we believe-and water is attracted to us, wherever we live. Enough said...


Susanna said...

Paiton is so cute! So I saw your mom, dad and sis at Pizza house yesterday through the window, I was hoping to get lucky and see you there too, but no dice. Remember how we were friends and we used to hang out?? Remember Zippy??

Bryan said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe that happened to your basement. Are you guys okay? Do you need help? Seriously, I only live 4 hrs away and I can come help clean up. Give me a call! I tried calling yesterday, but noone answered and I suck at the whole "leave a message" thing.

Our Blog said...

the flooding does not sound any good at all. :( i feel for you! i love Paitons new look! i have one little girl (Cadence) who wants to change a few times a day and is pretty interested in the feminine look :)
--wish i were there for the cinnamon rolls :)