April 30, 2009

Random quotes by Paiton-Funny to me (her mom)

P: Hey mommy
ME: Yeah Paiter
P: Look, I'm a ARRR Matey (holding an empty TP roll up to her eye)
ME: You mean a Pirate
P: Yeah mommy a ARRR Matey Piewit

P: Hey mommy
Me: yeah Paiter
P: Where is the pirate? (I taught her how to say pirate correctly)
Me: On his pirate ship in the ocean
P: We don't live on ships, pirates are so silly.

She asks this same question with regards to "the prince", or "princess" all the time, and when I tell her they are with their families at the castle she says
she says it like it is the most fascinating thing she has ever heard.

P: Daddy stop talking, you're makin' me nervous
Chris: (Laughing hysterically) how am I making you nervous?
P: because you won't stop talking and making me nervous

P: UGHHHH, daddy/mommy you're making me soooo angry

P: Night, don't let the bugs bight

P: I love you mostest postest

At least she is learning all about her feelings. Maybe one day we won't cause her such bad/traumatic feelings:)

This last one was one of my personal facorites, but she hasn't said it in a long time.
P: I are the boss!!
ME: No I are the boss
P: NOOO, I are the boss...etc, etc.

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