August 17, 2008

I can't think of a good title.

I struggled with what I wanted to title this blog post. I don’t have much to talk about, but I just wanted to explain a thought that ran through my head today. I think I am finally starting to mature a little. Well maybe I won’t go that far, but I found it really interesting that I was sitting on my duff at my in-laws house, when I decided to watch a little TV. I started flipping through the channels and got to a channel that was telling a little bit about President Monsen (the president of the LDS church), giving his credentials before he was going to speak. To my surprise, I decided I would stay on that channel, and then the real kicker was, I sat and watched the whole talk he gave. I think I must be growing up or something. The other “grown-up” thing I have been doing is going to church. Anybody who knows me or my family knows we go to church, but the crazy thing is I go now because I want to, not because I think I have to (ya know so I won’t go to “HE double hockey sticks” or anything like that) . I usually don’t even complain anymore. I want you to remember that I have a 2-year old, so if I wanted to complain I could, but I usually don’t.
Oh yeah, something funny happened last Sunday; I was in Salt Lake City visiting my sister and her husband, and Paiton went to their church’s nursery. Now here comes the funny part… Another kid in nursery bit Paiton on the cheek. Kinda weird, I know. How would her cheek be the first thing he got a hold of? I later found out the little boy that bit her is the son of first or second counselor in the bishopric. I think I am going to tell him we no longer want to be LDS. Just kidding, but it was kinda random. Anyway, the part I really wanted to tell you was that because of the bighting Paiton will randomly throughout the day say “MOMMY, kids hurt me”. It sounds really sad and tearful, but the way she says it makes me laugh every time. She yells my name (MOMMY!!!!), and then says, in her saddest Paiton voice, while touching her cheek, “kids hurt me”. I should record it so you can laugh as much as I do. I know that sounds cruel, laughing, but it really is funny, because it happened a week ago, and she is totally fine, the mark is gone, and there is nothing there, but just randomly through the day she will pipe up and tell me how “the kids hurt me”.


Susanna said...

You are more grown up than you know. I still haven't got over the fact that you have a garden! Paiton is so cute, she totally reminds me of Kennady at that age. She accidently let go of her balloon outside one time and for the next 3 months all she talked about was, "Purple 'Bloon' go up, up, up" in the sadest voice she could muster. That is sad that Paiton got bit on the cheek though, Kennady has a big bruise on her back from where Shane bit her. Kids can be so mean!

Summer said...

Wow! You are grown up! LOL

Andrew had a little friend that used to bite and claw him when he was Paiton's age. It used to make me CRAZY!!!

cassie said...

Hey Deb whats up? I just found your blog page on Suz's. Its been a lonnng time what have you been up to? your family is so cute how old is your little girl?? well it better get to bed but I'm glad i found your blog page now will have to keep in touch. bye