August 30, 2008

Where, oh where has my sweet little girl gone? Where, oh where could she be??

Paiton has hit the “terrible two’s” stage with full force, and Chris and I are praying that it doesn’t last long. She used to be the sweetest little girl in the whole world. She was caring, loving, friendly, etc. Now we have Paiton, the tantrum throwing, screaming, whining, two year old. She always seems to do the exact opposite of what you ask her to do, unless you are trying reverse psychology, and then she does exactly what you ask of her. She is too freakin’ smart for me. This stage better not last much longer. I think I am going crazy!!!!! The real kicker is at times she can still be so cute and loving, that is as long as she is getting whatever she wants, when she wants it. What is a mother to do??
Another fun thing Paiton has started doing is taking off her diaper/underwear and peeing on stuff. Chris had put her to bed last night and later looked in to check on her. Guess who was laying diaper-less, on a pee soaked blanket? I think she can tell it bugs us, so she does it even more. Somehow I have to hide my frustration, I don’t know how, but I am sure I’ll figure it out. I think it doesn’t help that both she and I are really stubborn. She doesn’t want to give in to me, and I don’t want to give in to her. Oh well, this too shall pass…and if it doesn’t, we will send her to and all girls boarding school.


The Batistas said...

I'm horrible to say this but I'm glad to hear that is how she is acting. I had been reading your blogs about how good she was and I was thinking 'is it only jiovan who acts this way' Lets both hope it passes quickly

The Batistas said...

Dont get too scared. Jiovan just turned 2 the end of April... But I think it's getting better. or I'm just getting used to it.