January 8, 2009

I HATE being cold!!!

I have a quick random complaint; I HATE BEING COLD!!! My little family recently returned home from our holiday vacation in Utah. The weather outside was great most of the time, but it took a while for all of us to adjust to the temperature inside. The problem is we keep our house in Michigan quite cold (65^ during the day, and 62^ during the night), and both of our parents keep their houses quite a bit warmer than that. Most of the time we didn’t sleep with a blanket; needless to say we were pretty warm most of the time. Then, right when my body was completely adjusted to the warm weather and sunshine, we boarded a plane and flew back home to Michigan (and back to our cold house). I AM FREEZING!!!! I don’t think I have been warm since we got here. And one last complaint, “the kid” is in that “naked, naked” phase. I spend all day convincing, pleading, forcing, etc. to let me put Paiton’s clothes on. I am super cold while dressed in a hoody and sometimes a jacket on top of that, yet she runs around at the very least, without a shirt, or pants, and most definitely, no socks or shoes. Oh well, what do ya do?


The Briggs Clan said...

hey I need your email so I can add you. I love stalkers...I just like to know who you are~ It's fun to check up on you to see how your doing! I mean come on...who else has the girls camp stories we do...SUSAN!

You know who said...
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Susanna said...

I need to try that! You have so many good ideas