January 2, 2009

Pictorial Holiday Review

We have been very busy lately, for some reason I thought life would slow down over the holidays. Boy was I wrong… There have been a couple of slow moments, but nothing like I had envisioned. I wanted a nice, quiet, relaxed holiday season; instead we have had a vacation filled with road trips, family parties, bon fires, marshmallows and hot dogs, and many other fun/festive activities. I am not complaining though, I have had a blast!!! And the best part is, there have been enough people around who want to play with “the kid”, which in turn has let me have some “alone/grown-up time” without having to do any type of planning or scheduling. SCORE!! Here are just a few of the pics we have taken along the way. Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!! Thanks everybody for spoiling me and my family, it is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is a pic of "the kid's" very first gingerbread house (and by gingerbread, I mean graham cracker)

“The kid”, helping Santa find all the presents .

Paiton wearing the skirt of a princess dress, (grandma Bown thought it needed to be pulled up to her armpits), but she also wanted to be Santa's helper, thus the princess elf, with a touch of grandma help. PRICELESS!!

Paiton's favorite cousin (on her father's side) a little family joke!!

Playin' in the snow with the fam!

Just the girls... And the boys.


Our Blog said...

sweet pictures.

we have Paiton on our fridge. ;)

i loved reading about the "1st born tag."

Susanna said...

Did you go home? We went home too, we should have gotten together. I had the same time of so called 'vacation' as you, busy, busy, very little sleep, and almost no relaxing... Happy New Year!