April 27, 2009

Butterflies, gardens, and sculptures...Oh my!!!

On Saturday I took Paiter and went to Grand Rapids, Michigan to the Frederik Meijer Garden and Sculpture Park. I thought she would really like to see the butterfly exhibit that was going on there, but I was waaaayy off. She liked the butterflies for about 2 minutes (not even long enough to see the whole exhibit). After we did all the "Paiter" stuff, I made her come with me to Nordstrom Rack to do "mom" stuff. I found a pair of Keen shoes (my personal favorite pair of summer shoes) that fit Paiton perfectly, but I couldn't bring myself to pay $25 for kids shoes. don't worry though, I did find an AWESOME 4th of July dress for the kid, and then a really cute Sunday dress that will fit her next winter (75% off!!!!!)

Here are pics of the kid playing ALL day... I have to tell you she took a 10 min. nap and did really well. Thankfully she didn't act up, because she would have had every reason to.

In the children's garden there was this really cool maze type thing filled with water and then there were tonz of plastic boats for the kids to play with. She could have spent the entire day here if I would have let her.

Paiter was all pictured out by the time we made it to this little beauty, but hey we all need a picture of a beaver made out of grass clippings. Don't you think its freakin' AWESOME!!

Paiter wanted to take her shoes off like this guy; she figured if he can do it so can she.Playing in more water...after I took pictures, I noticed the sign that says "Please don't touch the sculpture"...Oops.
This was a really cool play structure that was probably as big or bigger than our house. I only posted this pic because I really liked the picture of the kid.This is a water sculpture that had a little puddle thing the kids could play in. I think she like this one a lot, but mainly because it was so small that there were not a lot of other kids around. She doesn't like being bossed around by the older kids, so this was a good place for her to play.
Ever since our last Utah trip (Christmas vacation) Paiter has been picking her nose nonstop. I think it started out really dry, but now it is just a VERY BAAADD habit!! I had to get a picture of her trying to pick the giant nose. Bad I know, but she thought it was funny that I was actually encouraging her to pick it.

This is a GINORMOUS horse. When we walked underneath it to head home, Paiter said something like "EWE momma we are under his potty. We don't walk by potties do we mom?.She was dead set on giving the "baby elephant" a kiss. It turned out really cute though. Good idea Paiter.


Susanna said...

Paiton is so dang cute! I love the potty comment, she is very observant, haha! That looks like a fun-filled day.

Our Blog said...

those are some of the coooolest pictures ever! Paiton is so adorable, and i LOVE the beaver! :)