April 6, 2009

Random picture update

Here are some of the random pics I haven't posted in a while.
1-3 Paiter helped me watch our friends baby last week. She LOVED it!! One day after he left Paiton told me "we need to get one of those." I asked her where you get them and she said "at the baby store, they are $20, but girl babies cost more." Where is the world did that come from? I love in the baby pics she is sooo happy (at first), then super bored, then super happy again once he is done eating.
4-Paiter learning to ride a bike.
5- Paiter decided this was a better way to move the bike.
6 7- Planting flower seeds because we are too cheap to buy ones that have already been started.
8- Paiter helping carry the groceries in the house:)
9- Missionaries burning up some extra energy in between general conf.
10- This is what we woke up to today.
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Susanna said...

I like the twists you put in 'the kids' hair. She's so stinkin cute, Deb. I totally know that feeling you get when someone messes with your kid, mama grizzly comes out:) I became that mom at a play date one time when Kenny was Paiter's age and the cutest little 4-5 year old blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl decided she wanted to ride in the car that Kenny was riding in. I politely told the cute little girl that she needed to wait her turn. That made her mad and she went over to the car and pushed it over with Kenny still inside and Kenny smacked her head on the cement really hard. I was seriously so mad at the 'devil child' and the worst part was that after I scooped Kenny off of the cement she smiled an evil smile and pushed the car upright and got inside! I could tell this girl had never had a good spanking in her life and I sooo wanted to give it to her. Her mom didn't see it happen, but I wanted to give her a piece of my mind too. No one does that to my kid! Grrr! I don't think that little girl is cute anymore either. Anyways, I love your mom stories:)

Bryan said...

Yeah, we got the snow too. We've never had an Easter in Ohio without snow. I was hoping this year would be different!

Summer said...

Whoops! That was me, not Bryan! Cute pics with the baby too. "We need to get one of those." I love it!