April 7, 2009

Michigan winter...I mean spring:)

This is the kind of fun we "get" to have during spring in Michigan. aren't you jealous. If you look close you'll notice the eyes and mouth are little poky ball things from a tree in our front yard. They make it awful every time you mow the lawn, and don't even think about walking in the front yard without any shoes on.

Isn't this precious, she told the snowman
"stay right here while I eat dinner...I'll be right back, and I love you."
Paiter wanted to help with the groceries, notice Chris isn't really helping, and i have the camera so I am not doing much either:)


Love Birds said...

That is awesome! I love seeing the video of Paiton. I request more of them. So my question is was she helping cuz you taught her to help or was she helping cuz she knew their was Captn' crunch in the bags?

Welch Mom said...

Cute photo. Don't you just love their imaginations?