March 7, 2009

Last of the projects ( I hope)

Here are the last (I think) of the redo projects. I do have a couple small ditty's that we have done, but I haven't taken any pictures of them so it wouldn't be any fun to look at.
1- More sanding in the house-I guess I didn't learn my lesson the first time.
2-Paint that I spilled in the kitchen; it's OK though we were going to put in a new floor anyway. It is also the "kitchen floor before"
3-kitchen chair "before" (all 4 look the same)
4-kitchen table before
5-kitchen table and chairs "after"
6-kitchen chairs, table, and floor "after"
7-I didn't take a before, but this is the bathroom light after I painted over the shiny brass, but it has since been painted a blackish color, so I guess this is kind of a before.
8-Chris asked if I needed help carrying the table in the house- of course I told him "no, I got it." So this is an "I told you so" for him. I will take help when needed/offered. I dropped the table while I was trying to open the screen door, carry my Gatorade, and the table into the house all at one time. Oh well, I can spray some more paint on it when it is warmer outside.
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Our Blog said...

That table looks Gorgeous!

Jenna said...

Wow Deb! You are one talented (and patient) girl. I especially love you bed side tables. How did you do that?! Very nice indeed!