March 25, 2009

I got mad skills...

I totally have the spring cleaning bug; it can be viewed as a blessing or a curse depending how you look at it. It seems like whenever I get in this type of mood I just start throwing everything out (donating to friends or charity), but I always end up spending a ton of time looking for “something that I know I once had around here somewhere”. Maybe this year I will do a better job of keeping the stuff I’ll want and throwing away the stuff that I really don’t use or need. Oh well, at least it will look more organized around here…HOPEFULLY!
Here are some of the random "nobody sees them but me" projects.
I made this shelf for all the bottles that had multiples or things we don't use very often. (I do use dish soap and disinfectant by the way)This is one of our "good" towels. I just thought it was kinda funny:)
This is my next "to do" project. I swear it doesn't look this bad all the time, just lately because of all the house projets. Everything went up here when I was too lazy to really put it away (except my very own little tool box that chris isn't allowed to touch, it always stays right there, crooked and everything.)


Summer said...

Your cupboards look awesome! You make me want to organize mine!

Love Birds said...

i did notice that you have a "TO DO" list on the fridge. Maybe you should quit cleaning, organizing and taking care of the kiddo and get on that! lazy bumb.